Baumeier Leaves its Mark!

Laser engraving is the latest service Baumeier Corporation has added to its arsenal. With the addition of a new Trumpf Laser engraver Baumeier can begin marking parts with serial numbers, barcodes, logos, and much more. Using processes of ablation, annealing, and engraving parts of various materials and finishes can be marked to customer specifications. The machine has a marking area of 12.0cm x 12.0cm and also utilizes a rotary axis. The process is so accurate it can be used to make functioning barcodes and graduations. Send in your file for a free quote today!

Baumeier Corporation Introduces Laser Welding Technology

Baumeier is pleased to announce the official launch of laser welding services at its facility. The new Trumpf TruLaser Station hit the floor this month and is now operational and has been introduced into regular production. The laser welder utilizes YAG laser technology to join multiple pieces of metal. This acquisition is a part of Baumeier’s ongoing effort to introduce innovation to the manufacturing processes available to its clientele.

Laser welding uses a concentrated heat source and allows for narrow, deep welds, and high weld rates. Coupled with computer numerical control (CNC) the machine creates welds as accurate as the provided substrate, with excellent repeatability. Laser welding generates very high temperatures, which melt the material on a focal point of around 0.5 to 1 millimeters in diameter. Because of its narrow working area, the laser is particularly suitable for welding of thing gauge material. This technology opens new doors in design possibilities and the high rate of weld deposit makes it an economical choice for many applications.

Baumeier will be holding demonstrations of this technology for the benefit of its clientele. If you would like to book a demonstration or would just like further information please contact George Henry Jr.

CNC CMM Technology Comes to Baumeier

With the acquisition of a Wenzel Xorbit CNC CMM Baumeier continues to expand its capabilities to meet the needs of its clientele.

The machine is an automated gantry-style CMM with a measurable area of 1000mm x 900mm x 700mm. This new equipment will allow Baumeier to provide more in depth inspection reports for its clients as well as offer automated inspection protocols.

Further information pertaining to the CMM can be obtained by contacting George Henry Jr.

Otto Baumgaertner moves to Kelowna, British Columbia

Company founder, Otto Baumgaertner, is pursuing his personal dream and has relocated to the Kelowna region of British Columbia where he will have the opportunity to enjoy his favourite pastimes which include fishing, boating and skiing.

Otto has established a new business in British Columbia. B G Technology Inc. will provide representation services for several manufacturers and distributors including Baumeier. We wish Otto well in his new endeavour.

Baumeier continues to experience rapid growth and is investing in new equipment to expand capacity and extend our capabilities. Included in recent equipment expenditures are a larger CNC milling centre which will increase the Machining Department’s capacity and an Ironworker which is being added to aid processing in the Fabrication Department.